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Answering Questions On Health Information Management - 2200 Words

Answering Questions On Health Information Management (Other (Not Listed) Sample) Content: HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENTName of InstitutionName of StudentCourseDatePART 1Question 1The following are some of the primary roles of Health Information Management (HIM) professionals in the electronic health information systems. * HIM professionals have the duty of ensuring the medical information on patients is secure and protected. * HIM professionals have the role of patient identity management * HIM professionals also have the duty of providing appropriate data and information to stakeholders in the healthcare sectors. Medical decisions by this information in the care time and place.The adaptation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) exposes healthcare institutions to privacy issues. This is because the electronic exchange of patients medical records for access and use by other professionals expose the information to possible privacy breaches. Privacy when it comes to medical information has deep historical roots, and as the sector transition from paper records t o electronic health information systems it is important to ensure that this tradition is kept(De Bord, Burke, Dudzinski, 2017).In addition to privacy being a tradition in the healthcare sector, it is also a constitutional right. As such it is important for the HIM professionals to ensure that patients are secure and protected otherwise, it would result in legal suits for the institution involved(Zeng, Reynolds, Sharp, 2017). Issues of confidentiality, privacy, and security of patients information will always challenge the both the organization and HIM professionals. This is because both the institution and its electronic health information systems are constantly expanding and as such more data is been collected.Consequently ensuring confidentiality, privacy and security of patients information get hard and almost impossible especially with the introduction of mobile health devices which enable remote access to paramedics and other outpatient caregivers. To deal with the issues of confidentiality, privacy and security of patients information HIM professionals have to develop policies and procedures related to the governance of the information. If the policies and procedures are implemented well, then the patients privacy rights are assured and as such the HIM professionals successfully perform one of their primary duties. The assurance ensures that patients and health care providers have a trusting environment hence efficiency in service delivery and quality(Zeng, Reynolds, Sharp, 2017).The second primary duty of HIM professionals is in patient identity management. This is a critical role of the HIM professionals since all information about a patient is not collected at one point but rather by a number of different systems within the healthcare organization capture patient information. To effectively manage patients identity HIM professionals need a patient identifier system like master patient index (MPI). Patient identifier systems ensure healthcare organi zations have the ability to understand and accurately measure its patient population. This type of system holds information on all patients registered with a given medical care organization(Zeng, Reynolds, Sharp, 2017).Patient identifier system stores information such as; the patient name, their social security number, gender, race, date of birth, and place of residence, contact details, and the patient's medical history. This system reduces inefficiencies, duplicative care, medical errors and chances of care gives having incomplete information. This is because the system ensures that patients are only represented or registered only once and that the information used for demographic identification is constant in all systems within the organization. Consequently, this reduces the overall costs of healthcare while improving its quality and efficiency of delivery. This is because patients get accurate medical care(Rouse, 2017). In addition to this, the system enables the tracking of p atients and other individuals activities within an organization and across patient care settings.The second primary duty of HIM professionals is in ensuring Information interoperability. This is providing appropriate data and information to stakeholders in the healthcare sector to guide medical decisions in the care time and place. HIM professionals ensure there is information interoperability since they enable the movement and sharing of electronic health information. Under this role, HIM professionals have the mandate to ensure that electronic health information is available whenever and wherever needed within the institution and the whole industry as a whole. This role is patient oriented and is critical since it facilitates proper medical attention. While on a day to day basis this may not seem important it is core during bioterrorism surveillance, disaster management and other times when healthcare tracking is needed. Within the Health Information Technology community ensuring that information is available to the person who needs it at the time and place in which they need it can mean death or life for patients(Zeng, Reynolds, Sharp, 2017). As such ensuring Information interoperability remains to be one of the most important roles of Health Information Management professionals in the electronic health information systemsQuestion 2Of the roles identified in Question 1 above I feel that HIM professionals duty in ensuring the medical information on patients is secure and protected is the most important for the healthcare community. The success of the healthcare industry is built on the trust between patients and health care providers. As such it is of vital significance that privacy and confidentiality be assured. It is because of this trust that patients are able to share personal information with their health care provider, and it is this information that is used in the diagnosis and treatment. As such if the privacy and confidentiality of the information shared were not guaranteed the trust in the health care provider would be withdrawn by the patient. Other than confidentiality being a moral requirement on the part of health care provider it is also a legal requirement. According to the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1997 (HIPAA), organizations in the healthcare industry are required to policies and procedures in place that protect and secure the privacy of patients information both electronic and otherwise. The policies mainly include procedures that govern computer and information access and security(De Bord, Burke, Dudzinski, 2017).Despite the fact that electronic medical record and the current trends in technology pose a great challenge to confidentiality. Organizations have to guarantee or promise privacy and confidentiality to its patients. This is because if this is not the case, patients will share less information specially the more sensitive and important information. This would impact the indu stry negatively since without all the information cases of misdiagnosis, duplicative care, and medical errors would increase due to incomplete information(De Bord, Burke, Dudzinski, 2017). As such the ability of Health Information Management professionals in ensuring privacy and confidentiality in the electronic health information systems is important for the healthcare industry as a whole.PART 2Question 1Define these EHR elementsDATA- as an electronic health information element data refers all numbers or text information that a patient inputs in the system. It constitutes plain facts about the patients. It includes; the patients name, their social security number, gender, race, date of birth, and place of residence, contact details, medications, allergies, universal patient identifier and their medical history.CHARACTER- as an electronic health information element a character refers the single simplest unit of information that corresponds to existing graphene symbol like the alp habet of a written natural language. Examples include; numerical digits, letters and symbols like the punctuation mark.FIELD as an electronic health information element a field refers to data about the same patient that has been divided into several parts. For example when a patient is registering for the first time with the hospital the fields that require filling will include the patients...

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ABC Company Limited Funding Proposal - 275 Words

ABC Company Limited Funding Proposal (Research Proposal Sample) Content: ABC COMPANY LIMITEDP.O BOX: 3090 ELDORETTEL: 0721223122EMAIL: abc-companyltd@yahoo .comPRESENTED TO: THE USAID AND UNDPDATE: JUNE, 2015SIGNATURE:ABC COMPANY LIMITEDP.O BOX: 3090 ELDORETTEL: 0721223122EMAIL: abc-companyltd@yahoo .comTO USAID UNDPJUNE-2TH, 2015RE: FUNDING PROPOSALI am pleased to submit this proposal from the ABC Company Limited, requesting a funding investment of Ksh. 8,000,000 to help start publishing of a water project. This grant will provide part of the funds needed to start and run this water project as one of the programmes of enriching the Uasin Gishu county and its outskirts, spiritually. These funds will cater for the startup capital.The lack of basic commodities such as water in the area is a main concern for different stakeholders for especially the people in the rural areas. Even where water is available, a continuous supply of the same in necessary to support the livelihoods of the people. Water in the rural areas is used for dri nking, farming and for other purposes including construction. Unfortunately, there are cases of wide spread cholera in the area due to unclean water.The ABC Company is willing to invest in providing clean water to the residents of Uasin Gishu area. The ABC Company of Kenya will provide the platform for clean and safe water to the residents of Uasin Gishu County. The ABC Companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s head offices will be at Uasin Gishu County.Unfortunately, ABC Company cannot fully afford the starting and run this water project including its operations and the equipmentà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s needed to accomplish its goals. Working in collaboration with you, the ABC Company will be able to start this project to overcome the rising demand to stop cholera from spreading in the region.Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or would like us to arrange a site visit. We look forward to meeting with you soon.Yours Sincerely,NAME________________________PROJECT MANAGERWATER PROJECT MONITORING AND E VALUATION PLAN1.0 Executive SummaryThe proposed ABC Company Limited will be run and managed by ABC management team as a registered company that intends to upgrade its operations of clean and safe water provision. The water project intends to stimulate local employment and wealth creation in Uasin Gishu County. The water project intends to be one of Uasin Gishuà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s main health sub-sectors that will contribute to economic growth through expanding both small and large scale use of clean and safe water by improving water effectively and maintained water sources.This water project initiative intends to benefit the following stakeholders: the farmers (mainly large farmers and smallholders who produce the crops and rare animals). The development of this water project in Uasin Gishu County has tremendous potential partly due to the fact that the County ranks among the leading counties in Kenya in terms of cattle population. The development of a local water project in Uasin Gishu Cou nty is likely to help farmers by providing more water for their livestock.The water project intends to create a variety of technical and skilled job opportunities in Uasin Gishu County ranging from selectors of materials, quality controllers, mechanics, and unskilled casual laborers.Additionally, the water project is to be of benefit to all the residents of Uasin Gishu County in that it will enable them access water that is clean and safe for use at their homes. The water project aims at bringing a significant improvement to the economy of Uasin Gishu County. The number of business in Uasin Gishu County will be able to tap water from here to be used in the business activities around the area.2.0 ObjectivesThe initial objectives of the ABC Company Limited are as follows: 1 To raise seed capital of Ksh. 8, 000,000 to increase the provision of clean and safe water for domestic use, agricultural productivity and ensure food security. 2 To prevent total collapse of the existing water pro jects in the event of heavy downpour or contamination by cholera; 3 To improve food production and the living standards of the target group through sustainable improvement of the operational efficiency of the Water projects 4 Foster accountability and transparency of resources used; and document, provide feedback on lessons learned and dissemination of results among project stakeholders. 5 To rehabilitation existing water projects outlets; 6 To increase reliable water delivery that meets the international standards of environmental sustainability and health policies.3.0 Mission (of the organization/institution)To empower the local communities to be self sustaining by initiating water projects that is both economically and socially beneficial.4.0 Keys to SuccessTaken together, precision, accuracy, representativeness, completeness, and comparability comprise the major data quality indicators used to assess the quality of the programà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s data. * Precision is the degree of agree ment among repeated field measurements of the same indicator and gives information about the consistency of your methods. It is typically defined as relative percent difference, or RPD. * Accuracy is a measure of confidence that describes how close a measurement is to its "true" or expected value. * Representativeness is the extent to which measurements actually represent the true environmental condition. Parameters, site selection (including location of sampling point within the water column), time, and frequency of sample collection can all play a role in determining how representative a sample is. * Comparability is the extent to which data can be compared between sample locations or periods of time within a project, or between different projects. * Completeness is the comparison between the amounts of valid or usable data the program originally intended to collect versus how much was actually collected.Precision is often evaluated in the field by participants taking duplicate measurements for at least 10% of samples, where applicable.Most sampling sites are selected to be representative of the water body (or in the case of hotspot monitoring, of the pollution source of interest). Sample collection timing and frequency is selected to capture data that are representative of target conditions (e.g. a range of water levels, weather, seasons, etc.).The comparability of the data collected can be assured by using known protocols and documenting methods, analysis, sampling sites, times and dates, sample storage and transfer, as well as laboratories and identification specialists used so that future surveys can produce comparable data by following similar procedures.Project monitoring should attempt to maximize the completeness of the dataset. At least 80% of the anticipated number of samples are typically collected, analyzed and determined to meet data quality objectives for the project to be considered fully successful. In the end, however, any quality-contr olled data are usually considered useful in some way. A report detailing the number of anticipated samples, number of valid results and percent completion (number of valid samples/number of anticipated samples) for each parameter is typically produced.5.0 Background Information5.1 Locality BackgroundEldoret is a town in western parts of Kenya. It is the capital and largest town in Uasin Gishu County. Lying south of the Cherangani Hills. The population was 289,380 in the 2009 census, and it is currently the fastest growing town in Kenya. It is also the 2nd largest urban centre in Midwestern Kenya after Nakuru and currently the 5th largest urban centre in Kenya.The name Eldoret is based on the Maasai word "eldore" meaning "stony river" because the bed of the nearby Sosiani River is very stony. The white settlers decided to call it Eldoret to make it easier for them to pronounce it. At the start of the colonial era, the area was occupied by the Nandi, before that by the Maasai and bef ore that the Sirikwa.5.2 Project BackgroundThe main goal of the ABC company limited water project is to increasing clean and safe water supply to ensure food security and regulate cholera out spread in Uasin Gishu County. The focus of the ABC company limited water project establishing provision of clean and safe water for both domestic and industrial use. The ABC Limited was established in 2000. It is located in Eldoret Town, along Sirikwa street right behind Central Bank on Uganda Road. Ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s a partnership business, which is concerned with provision of clean and safe water. The company has a share in providing jobs for the local community through helping them tap up locally based water project. Currently we are working towards opening and increasing the provision of cleaner and safer water for residents in the action to stop the spread of water born disease such as cholera.ABC Company Limited has an obsession for quality and constant endeavor to perfect our methods and pro cesses in management has helped us achieve much. This in effect makes us one of the most conscious water companies in Kenya. We have a dedicated team of 50 employees who have vast experience in water engineering and environmental sanitation and most of all several fleets of vehicles which enables us to manage materials and business operations. The company also has a team ready to work within the shortest time possible to meet our goals and the communityà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s demands.ABC Company Limited has been proudly serving both locally and internationally. Backed by a group of motivated and experienced staff, ABC Company Limited has revolutionized the industry with innovative work. We are concerned with provision of professionalism in enabling the community experience a better livelihood from clean and saf...

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The Westward Expansion Of The United States - 1144 Words

â€Å"Evolution is a process of constant branching and expansion.† That quote, once said by Stephen Jay Gould, can represent the Westward Expansion of the United States. In the early 1800s, the United States started trying to expand west. The U.S. acquired Florida, Texas, the Gadsden Territory, the Mexican Cession, the Oregon Territory, and the Louisiana Territory. All of those acquisitions helped evolve the United States into what it is today. Almost all of the land we own is from the Westward Expansion. Unfortunately, the United States were greedy and had to keep branching and expanding out west in order to become a more powerful country. The actions that the U.S. chose to expand were not just to harm others. In fact, none of the acquisitions in the Westward Expansion were through war. The reason for the United States’ actions was to acquire more land, and some of the time, the opposing country would refuse a treaty, and the U.S. showed their greed by attacking those pieces of land, trying to force the opposing country to cede the land. Therefore, the U.S. was greedy and would use any way that it could to acquire land from other countries One way the U.S. would try to acquire countries was through war. In 1819, the United States acquired Florida from Spain with the Adams-Onis Treaty. This acquisition took a while to happen. There were a lot of battles between the United States and the Seminoles. This acquisition started when President Andrew Jackson invaded the Seminoles inShow MoreRelatedThe Westward Expansion Of The United States960 Words   |  4 PagesThe Westward expansion began for the United States with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. For $15 million dollars, President Thomas Jefferson purchased from France 828,000 square miles, including most of 14 current states, thus doubling the size of America. Jefferson now had the land, but how to populate it was another story. On a three year expedition, Lewis and Clark were sent by Jefferson to explore the lands to get a better understanding of the geography and resources of the West. During the 1830sRead MoreWestward Expansion Of The United States1477 Words   |   6 PagesThe United States began its life as a small nation consisting of only thirteen states. Over time the leaders of this county recognized that in order to prosper the nation would need to expand beyond the current set borders. Westward Expansion was the only solution, to adopt such a large endeavor meant that the population had to have a reason to migrate west. Expansion had appeal to the Southern land owners for the fact that the Missouri Compromise did not affect territories that were not part ofRead MoreThe United States Westward Expansion919 Words   |  4 Pagesculture. The United States grew drastically and new land became available over time. This surge in population created the Manifest Destiny, the belief of expansion from sea to sea. The United States’ westward expansion was a wicked, but vital component during the 1800s that allowed the nation to exercise its power and prosper economically at the price of unfair manipulation towards Native Americans as well a s a cruel game of tug of war with the lives of slaves. In order to promote expansion, the federalRead MoreWestward Expansion Of The United States1017 Words   |  5 PagesWestward expansion seemed perfectly natural to Americans in the mid-nineteenth century. Many settlers even believed that America, as a nation, was destined−by God himself− to expand westward. This ideology became known as the Manifest Destiny. Although many Americans thought it to be a kindly movement driven by pride, it continuously proved to be aggressive, racist, and imperialistic. Enthusiasm over territorial expansion began in 1803 when Napoleon decided to offer the United States the entireRead MoreWestward Expansion Of The United States1054 Words   |  5 Pages Westward Expansion in the United States created controversy about the admission of new states into the union. The first provision of the Westward Expansion was the Compromise of 1850. This compromise was designed to settle disputes among the North and South states about slavery expansion. Senator Henry Clay proposed that California be admitted as a free slave in a trade-off for tougher fugitive slave laws for runaways. As a part of the compromise of 1950, Congress also passed the Fugitive LawRead MoreWestward Expansion Of The United States1060 Words   |  5 PagesWestward expansion changed into the preference of the US to govern the territories of western components of the United States that had been either unclaimed or occupied by using other international locations. It is pertinent to comprehend that the us history became inspired with the aid of England in diverse methods. Within the second 1/2 of 18th century, the railroad which that turned into invented in England introduced a main effect in the USA enlargement to the West. Railroads originated fromRead MoreThe Impact Of Westward Expansion On The United States1571 Words   |  7 Pagesopened the door to westward expansion. Thomas Jefferson purchased this extensive plot of land with the hopes of strengthening and expanding the Republic, unaware that it would have the opposite effect. Jefferson’s fateful decision to expand the United States nearly destroyed the Republic that Americans worked so hard to build. It triggered the rise of divisions amongst Americans. These small cracks continued to grow and tear at the seams of the nation. Although westward expansion between 1800 and 1848Read MoreWestward Expansion and the Effects on the United States Essay1050 Words   |  5 PagesRunning Head: WESTWARD EXPANSION Westward Expansion and the Effects On the United States October 3, 2007 Abstract The Louisiana Purchase was the largest land deal in our history. It doubled the size of the United States and gave us a strong face as an economic power. It brought immigrants from all over the world for the idea of owning land and making a living for themselves. We also had a second expansion with the Adams-Onis treaty in 1819 (Davidson, 2002, p.p. 246-247) where weRead MoreEssay On Manifest Destiny1551 Words   |  7 PagesManifest Destiny was a widely spread belief that settlers in the United States should expand across North America. It was the belief that fueled the westward expansion. The westward expansion led to many other events in and around the United States. Before Manifest Destiny and the westward expansion the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War took place which allowed America to declare independence. Manifest Destiny was a big influence on the evolution of transport and technology. Before weRead MoreManifest Destiny1555 Words   |  7 PagesThe Evolution Of Transportation Manifest Destiny was a widely spread belief that settlers in the United States should expand across North America. It was the belief that fueled the westward expansion. The westward expansion led to many other events in and around the United States. Before Manifest Destiny and the westward expansion the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War took place which allowed America to declare independence. Manifest Destiny was a big influence on the evolution of transport

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Asylum - Immigration Glossary - Definition of Asylum

Asylum is the protection granted by a nation to a person who cannot return to their home country for fear of prosecution. An asylee is a person who seeks asylum. You may request asylum from the U.S. when you arrive at a U.S. port of entry, or after you arrive in the United States regardless of whether you are in the U.S. legally or illegally. Since its founding, the United States has been a sanctuary for refugees seeking protection from persecution. The country has granted asylum to more than 2 million refugees in the last three decades alone. Who is a Refugee? U.S. law defines a refugee as someone who: Is located outside the United States.Is of special humanitarian concern to the United States.Demonstrates that they â€Å"were persecuted or fear persecution due to race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.†Is not firmly resettled in another country.Is admissible to the United States. A refugee does not include anyone who â€Å"ordered, incited, assisted, or otherwise participated in the persecution of any person on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.† So-called economic refugees, those the U.S. government considers to be fleeing poverty in their homelands, are not admissible. For example, thousands of Haitian migrants who washed up on Florida shores have fallen into this category in recent decades, and the government has returned them to their homeland. How Can Someone Obtain Asylum? There are two routes through the legal system for obtaining asylum in the United States: the affirmative process and the defensive process. For asylum through the affirmative process, the refugee must be physically present in the United States. It does not matter how the refugee arrived. Refugees generally must apply to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services within on year of the date of their last arrival in the United States, unless they can show extenuating circumstances that delayed filing. Applicants must file Form I-589, the Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal, to USCIS. If the government rejects the application and the refugee does not have legal immigration status, then USCIS will issue a Form I-862, Notice to Appear, and refer the case to an immigration judge for resolution. According to USCIS, affirmative asylum applicants are rarely detained. Applicants may live in the United States while the government is processing their applications. Applicants can also remain in the country while waiting for a judge to hear their case but are seldom allowed to work here legally. Defensive Application for Asylum A defensive application for asylum is when a refugee requests asylum as protection against removal from the United States. Only refugees that are in removal proceedings in an immigration court can apply for defensive asylum. There generally are two ways refugees wind up in the defensive asylum process under the Executive Office for Immigration Review: USCIS has referred them to an immigration judge after the government has ruled them ineligible for asylum after going through the affirmative process.They were placed in removal proceedings because they were apprehended in the United States without proper legal documents or in violation of their immigration status. Or, they were caught trying to enter the United States without proper documents and designated for expedited removal. It’s important to note that defensive asylum hearings are court-like. They are conducted by immigration judges and are adversarial. The judge will hear arguments from the government and from the petitioner before making a ruling. The immigration judge has the power to grant the refugee a green card or decide whether the refugee may be eligible for other forms of relief. Either side can appeal the judge’s decision. In the affirmative process, the refugee appears before a USCIS asylum officer for a non-adversarial interview. The individual must provide a qualified interpreter for that interview. In the defensive process, the immigration court provides the interpreter. Finding a qualified lawyer is important for refugees trying to navigate the asylum process which can be long and complicated.

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Chapter 1 Short Story - 922 Words

Gwen stiffened. â€Å"All Percival has to do is ask. Blancheflor, your village is but a long day’s ride from Camelot! Arthur would gladly grant him that. If you want to visit, all you have to do is send word. Arthur would welcome you with honors.† Blancheflor shrugged. Disbelief dampened Gwen’s glad message in her ears. â€Å"I miss him. He misses me. Still I don’t wish to intrude.† â€Å"What? Most certainly not!† Gwen argued. â€Å"As Percival’s companion, you’d be accorded a place at Arthur’s high table! Arthur doesn’t care who someone is, their status or where they’re from. He judges them on their merit. You are a valued friend and would be treated accordingly. Please!† Blancheflor coughed. â€Å"Even after he exiled you, you still defend him. He doubted†¦show more content†¦She rolled her eyes. â€Å"She actually sits at her father’s council table. He looks to her for advice even in granting justice. Since her mother’s death, the Princess is more the Queen than anything else. She might offer you some perspective.† Gwen nodded. She glanced toward the sky to see Sol just short of his zenith overhead. â€Å"Perhaps we should ride on then?† â€Å"We’d make Whitgate in a few hours. Perhaps we might find suitable lodgings afterwards?† Seeing Gwen’s reluctance to put her out further in her eyes, Blancheflor insisted, â€Å"You are my guest. We shall do what we can for Camelot. Now we have a bit of road ahead?† â€Å"We do indeed,† Gwen conceded. She got back on her horse and followed the other down the road. **** [Two Hours Laterï ¿ ½Ã¢â‚¬ Whitgate] Anticipation lent to the companions’ pace. Their horses’ hooves seemed to barely stir the dirt underfoot. The trees around them blurred by. The distance seemed to melt away. In what seemed like a breath’s time but was in reality much longer of course, they clomped over Whitgate’s drawbridge. They wound their way through the lower town and up the cobbles toward the upper town. They didn’t stop or look around until they’d reached the citadel. Blancheflor pulled up on the reins. â€Å"Whoa!† She put her hand up to signal that intent to Gwen. â€Å"And here we are! This is King Rodor’s citadel.† Gwen slowed and then stopped her horse. She dismounted allowing her eyes to canvass andShow MoreRelatedShort Story : A Short Chapter : Chapter 11430 Words   |  6 Pagesher eyes, which were unable to see his in the darkness, then he checked to see Torins hand placed against her small waist more in reassurance than in having to hold her close to the wall. Once they reached the top landing, Duncan pulled the short braided rope attached to an old bronze ships bell. The clang rang off the stone walls which echoed loud enough to surly raise the dead at the very least to alert the household as was the intent. Duncan stepped back to let the door swing outward, whichRead MoreShort Story : A Short Chapter : Chapter 12137 Words   |  9 Pagesbrothers got in and went back to the motel. â€Å"Fay gets the bed,† Sam was about to protest when Dean quickly shut him up. â€Å"She stabbed a ghost in the eye twice, killed him, made friends with a ghost, and saved both our asses,† Fay just grabbed her black shorts and tank then walked into the bathroom. Stripping down, she turned on the hot water, letting the warmed rinse off the dirt and grime from the asylum. Turning off the water, she grabbed her toothbrush. As she got out the toothpaste there was a knockRead MoreShort Story Chapter 11517 Words   |  7 PagesWith a loud screech and a grinding of metal, the thick steel door swung open revealing a dark, damp tunnel that led downward. Quickly, Axus rushed down the narrow path to another door. This entrance was much like the first, but the outside was not coated in a thin film of rust , like the one before it. Axus jammed his thumb into the green button next to the door, and spun around as the opening behind him started to close. The bright lights from the city above were extinguished as the door slowly creakedRead MoreChapter 1 Short Story892 Words   |  4 PagesAs the A-Shift crew began their chores, the Klaxon sounded. Heart racing, Johnny dropped the sheets he’d gathered from the bunks and slid into the squad. Leading the engine out of the station, Roy glanced at Johnny who appeared to be made out of stone, he was so still and tense. You okay? he asked, his voice just loud enough to be heard above the wail of the siren as he steered the squad through traffic. Yeah, think so, John replied, as he pointed out where to turn with a slight tremble hardlyRead MoreShort Story : Chapter 11516 Words   |  7 PagesThe only sound that they heard was the crash of the half table and chairs. The three were now staring at the shimmering light from the other side. Lincoln noted that in the next move, it would begin to take out their kitchen bench. That would be a little more than inconvenient. However, just as he waiting for the inevitable shift away, the tube suddenly telescoped back up and into the channel, disappearing from view. At the same time, they heard the familiar hiss of all the cell doors opening. WhoeverRead MoreShort Story Chapter 11186 Words   |  5 PagesSteve came back a few minutes later, empty handed. Wow, Cap, you took an awfully long time to get popcorn, said Clint as he heard him walking in. ...And you didnt even get the popcorn, Natasha added, eyeing him suspiciously. Steve sighed, looking around warily before leading the team into a bathroom, which would be less likely the be monitored, ignoring Clints innuendos. Weve got a lead on Tony from Fury. He just called me, giving me the address before telling me that SHIELD needed toRead MoreChapter 1 Short Story955 Words   |  4 PagesThe lawyer squinted through the dark as Hyde thought. Contemplative, then shocked, then having reached some inner resolve, Hyde sighed and thrust out a hand for the clove. â€Å"According to Lanyon, about your pulse points should suffice-- might I help?† Utterson reached forward but quickly withdrew at a glare from Hyde and cast a nervous glance about them. â€Å"Here,† announced Hyde. He returned the garlic to Utterson’s pocket and made for the gates. â€Å"It won’t take long.† Utterson stared after him for aRead MoreChapter 1 Short Story789 Words   |  4 PagesEnough was enough! thought Mr Jewel. How dare this young whippersnapper keep asking him questions? So, from his pocket, he grasped the watch on its chain and swung it in the air. So, now who is in control, you fool? he sneered, as he dangled the watch. ‘I am! I am in control,’ snarled Lord Fox. Then much to Mr Jewel’s surprise, Lord Fox snatched the watch out of his grasp, and before he knew it, the watch was being dangled in front of his eyes. ‘What the†¦?’ Imagine you are inside a painting†¦Read MoreShort Story : Chapter 11321 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Yes, Captain I am fine with that.† â€Å"Okay, you are dismissed, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate, come straight to me.† â€Å"Don’t worry Captain if I have any questions I am sure Warren here will help me out.† He said with a dazzling smile and the first words I heard him speak. His country drawl hung deep in his words when he spoke. He clearly didn’t live around here his whole life. With that I got to my feet and left the Captain’s office and headed for my desk. He followedRead MoreShort Story Chapter 11266 Words   |  6 Pagesfright. Drakes smirk grew as he noticed this. You dont have a choice. As soon as those words made their way into the dead air he bolted towards the other boy. Shadow pushed Jace behind him and braced for the incoming attack, and not like other stories, this one hit its mark. He winced, and noted the body behind him. Activating the pipes in his calves he dashed towards a clearing only to take a fireball to the back. Come back and fight me coward! Drake was catching up fast. Shadow struggled

Accuracy And Validity Of An Instrument Affect Its Validity

1. We point out in the chapter that scores from an instrument may be reliable but not valid, yet not the reverse. Why would this be so? The scores from any source can be reliable as the authority or sincerity towards responses is expected. Validity is of different type’s criterion, and the content validity. Face validity is often calculated and verified for instruments by teachers and it validates the nature of instruments but it doesn’t ensure the validity of all types. 2. What type of evidence—content-related, criterion-related, or construct-related—do you think is the easiest to obtain? The hardest? Why? Type of evidence is of different types, the content related evidences are the easiest to obtain. Constructs are based upon questionnaires and their validity so it requires ensured validity for long run effects and validity of instruments. Sample size and tests to be applied are also issues in criterion and construct validity. 3. In what way(s) might the format of an instrument affect its validity? Format of an instrument affect validity as it requires a balanced mode of the questionnaires and interviews to be done. In case the questions are lengthy, the required level of questionnaires will be more than the satisfactory limit that will cause lack of information and evidences. The respondent will not have any interest in responses for a lengthy questionnaires. 4. â€Å"There is no single piece of evidence that satisfies construct-related validity.† Is this statementShow MoreRelatedJob Satisfaction At Walden Sport1406 Words   |  6 PagesJob Attitude Is defined as the way an individual behaves and perceives things and the output he delivers in the job he/she is assigned. This affects his/her production which ultimately determines the organization s success (Brooke, Russell, Price, 1988). According to the success of an individual, attitude is directly proportional to his/her effectiveness. The attitude and perception employees approach their work with is the same determinant of their maximum output. Attitude can also be manipulatedRead MoreJob Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, And Job Involvement1017 Words   |  5 Pagesperception about the job (job attitude). An instrument to measure each variable The instruments that can be utilized to measure each of these variables are Job satisfaction survey (JSS) for measuring job satisfaction, Job involvement scale (JIS) for measuring job involvement and Meyer Allen Instrument for measuring organizational commitment. Why the instrument is appropriate for measuring each of the selected variables Job satisfaction survey – This instrument has proven to be adequate, with providingRead MoreObesity and Healthcare Cost1624 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom another study. The range-based approach is utilized when the estimate of the largest and smallest values in the population has to be known. The last suggestion is to conduct a pilot study which is the most common method. This is when the validity is tested then the standard deviation is calculated and then the value is used to determine the appropriate sample size The criteria we would need to select our sample size would be height, weight, corporate (work force) status, health issues andRead MoreThe Limitations Of Detection Of Deception Instruments1671 Words   |  7 Pages The Limitations of Detection of Deception Instruments Voice Stress Analysis CMRJ 334 Lindsey Shaw Kelli Callahan Introduction The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the limitations of equipment that is used to detect deception and examine whether the forensic discipline aligns with The Daubert Standard of Admissibility. In regards to the types of equipment used to detect deception, the most common piece of equipment is the polygraph. However, as with every piece of equipmentRead MoreValidity and Reliability5960 Words   |  24 Pagesdeveloping research plan, always be aware that this principles critically affects the progress. One of critical aspects of evaluation and appraisal of reported research is to consider the quality of the research instrument. According to Parahoo (2006), in quantitative studies reliability and validity are two of the most important concept used by researcher to evaluate the quality of the study that is carried out. Reliability and validity in research refer specifically to the measurement of data as they willRead MoreEssay on Homework 1735 Words   |  3 Pagespredictions, te st those predictions and repeat to find the similar results. 2. Describe the threats to internal validity discussed in the text: history, maturation, testing, instrument decay, regression toward the mean, and selection differences. History is a treat to internal validity for the one group design due to some unanticipated event that can occur during the experiment and may affect the dependent variable. Maturation is where change occurs in the dependent variable due to normal developmentalRead MoreThe Caps Test Is An Instrument Administered For Career Assessment873 Words   |  4 PagesThe CAPS test is an instrument administered for career assessment, the assessment relates to occupational abilities. In order for this test to be considered reliable, it must be consistent in that it measures what it suppose to measure (Knapp, Knapp, Knapp-Lee, 1992, p. 40), which is occupational abilities. I believe that the CAPS test has acceptable reliability, if the test is re-administered in two weeks, my results are bound to be similar due to the timing and length of the test. The timingRead MoreWeaknesess of a Language Test951 Words   |  4 Pages do not provide too many details with phrased like: â€Å"Shows advanced u nderstanding of the language repertoire†. This lack of accuracy in the grading instructions can lead to undesired subjectivity and important misinterpretation of the scoring. Therefore, it could be hard to replicate the measurement from one scorer to another. One of the main problems with this instrument is in regard of task dependency. The C3 task requires the student to write an opinion text based on the knowledge read in textsRead MorePosttraumatic Stress Traumatic Stress Disorder1500 Words   |  6 Pagesfound to affect both young and old. The development of various assessment tools have been used in diagnosing PTSD and one of the most commonly used tests is the Post-Traumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale. It is an assessment that was developed and validated by Edna Foa to provide a brief but reliable self-report measure of PTSD for use in both clinical and research settings (Zalta, Gillihan, Fisher, Mintz, McLean, Yehuda, Foa, 2014). The Post-Traumatic Diagnostic Scale is a n assessment instrument deignedRead MoreSystematic Procedure To Collect Essential Data And These1345 Words   |  6 Pagesand Quality. The instruments those are used to collect the data or new facts are called Research tools. The Research tool plays a vital role not only in collecting primary data, facts but also ensuring accuracy to the research work. The investigator can arrange or select Research tool in two ways, One by selecting already available standardized tools available in the field of study, Standardization refers to proper item selection, high reliability and validity of the instrument to be used in collection

Management and Organizational Behavior Some Basic Aspects

Question: Discuss: What provision of the law was at issue? Briefly state the facts of the case. What legal tests were applied? Were there any unusual elements in the case? Answer: Identification of the article: The article named as Management and Organizational Behavior. Some Basic Aspects has been selected from the Journal of Defense Resources Management. Summary of the article: The report has found that experience has shown that it is highly important to focus more on the organizational behavior. Moreover, it has been observed that this demands the administrators to get readily recognizable with quite a few communal as well as psychosomatic methodical regulations that can help them to respond all the queries connected to the company and the managerial attitude on the behavior of the managers as well as workers. Apart from that, organizational behavior concentrates on the difference of the individuals in between the people of the organization and their substantial impact on fulfilling the objectives of the organization (Nekoranec, 2013). Critique: The article has significantly explained the relationship between the employees of an organization with relation to the organizational culture along with the functioning of the working teams, communication. The most important part of this article is that the analysis and interpretation of the organizational behavior must become one of the major areas of the training of the managers so that the managers can explain as well as predict the behavior of the people in their organization (Alvesson, 2012). Moreover, it has been found that to understand the entire article easily, some parts of organizational behavior have been given extra importance such as organizational behavior, management, effective communication and the corporate culture (Nekoranec, 2013). Article 2: P. Bandura, R., Johnson, R., R. Lyons, P. (2014). Voluntary helpful organizational behavior: Recognition of individual attributes.European Journal of Training and Development,38(7), 610-627. Identification of the Article: The article named as Voluntary helpful organizational behavior: Recognition of Individual attributes has been taken from European Journal of Training and Development. Summary of the Article: The aim of this section is to scrutinize the employee-helpful activities that are charitable as well as given liberally without the expectation of the recompense and acknowledgment. It has been seen that the author of this article has tagged this charitable behavior as important as an important aspect which is helpful organizational behavior. To carry on the entire study, the author has examined the present theory as well as offered a detailed empirical study to identify some means of assessing employee predisposition towards helpful as well as voluntary behavior on the job. However, this research work has used some of the important aspects of the organizational behavior and these are contextual performance, the predisposition of the employees and helpful employee behavior (Bandura, Johnson Lyons, 2014). Critique: After going through the entire study, it can be said that this study has successfully identified the regression equation that uses the variables that help to predict one's predisposition towards the valued behavior. This research work is different from others, as this research work has spoken directly to the practitioners (Pettigrew, 2014). However, it can be said that the definition and explanation have clearly explained and demonstrated the practical features of the contextual performance. Therefore, this particular article has been analyzed as this has discussed some of the important features of organizational behavior (Bandura, Johnson Lyons, 2014). References Alvesson, M. (2012).Understanding organizational culture. Sage. Nekoranec, J. (2013). MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR. SOME BASIC ASPECTS.Journal of Defense Resources Management (JoDRM), (01), 93-98. P. Bandura, R., Johnson, R., R. Lyons, P. (2014). Voluntary helpful organizational behavior: Recognition of individual attributes.European Journal of Training and Development,38(7), 610-627. Pettigrew, A. M. (2014).The politics of organizational decision-making. Routledge.